CV Nivia Macedo Freire ALCICI

 Ms. Nivia Macedo Freire Alcici,
Director President & CEO
of Essenciale Ltda – Essenciale BEE PRODUCTS

 Biochemical Pharmacist graduated from Pharmacy College – UFMG  Federal University of Minas Gerais,

Extension course “  Quality control system , by Pharmacy College – UFMG  Federal University of Minas Gerais,

Instructor of Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Food Supply – – Course of production, processing, control and inspection of apicultural products

Senior consulting on HACCP , from Federal National Services for Industry

Member of SGT – 3 – Mercosul – Bee products

Adestramiento em Apiterapia – Ciudad de Sancti Spiritus – Cuba – Ministerio de Agricultura – LARISA – Laboratorio de referencia para investigaciones Y salud apicola

Has been working with propolis for over 25 years researching and developing new products.   

Pioneer on research to decreases level o heavy metals at Propolis – Bee Products – properties, applications and Apitherapy – 1996

 Trainee in Food Packing Technology, by Japan Packing Institute supported by Jetro.  

Author technical responsible of   “Beekeeping good practice Manual “  

The latest duty as a  consultant of Ministry of Social Integration as a bee specialist, invited by Minas Gerais Federation of Industry  & Euvaldo Lodi Institute  to develop  a project to becomes as productive areas , the very poor region in Minas Gerais State and Bahia state introducing the apiculture in these places. The aim of these work was to form beekeepers and keep the families in the countryside, avoiding the migration of workers to big cities, changing the standard of leaving of lot of families through the apiculture – Apiculture , as a rational and profitable actives, that helps to protect the environment, the rivers, lakes and native forests.

 Co – author and member of GT – Technical group of low to protect the familiar agriculture activity at Legislative Assembly of Minas Gerais – Low project 1105/2000.

Actually member of Propolis Council , to improves the actions toward development of sector in Brasil.

Speaker at several National & international conferences, recently in March 2013 , Tokyo Health , about Quality of Brazilian Propolis and Apimondia Korea 2015, at forum about Propolis Standardization, as speaker.

Beekeeper and owner of Essenciale Bee Products, with own keehives farms, company specialized  on propolis: in natura and different extracts, sprays, energetic drink , gourmet line processed under technological innovation and high quality assured with award on SIAL China 2015 – Sial Innovation.

Working to becomes the apiculture a rational activity with environmental commitment.